The emergency response officer will act as a first response unit before the professional emergency services arrive, such as police, fire and/or ambulance. KHN Amsterdam and Chubb Fire & Security have developed a one-day Emergency Response Officer training course (+ e-learning).

Good working conditions for your employees are important, in order to ensure there will be no negative effects on their health, safety and welfare. The employer should therefore designate one or more employees as emergency response officers. In situations which can endanger people’s safety or health at work, these employees will be able to take action and provide assistance, in order to minimise the consequences of the incident as much as possible.

The employer is, and will remain at all times, responsible for the health and safety within the company.

To whom it applies
The training is intended for members of KHN Amsterdam and their employees, who are responsible for providing assistance when calamities and/or accidents occur. A certain number of employees should be able to fulfil the tasks of an emergency response officer in every company. You can find all the information (in Dutch) with regards to health and safety assistance at work, as required by Dutch law, on our website.

At the end of the training course you will be able to:

  • Provide First Aid.
  • Limit and fight fires, as well as prevent and reduce accidents.
  • Alarm and evacuate all employees / individuals off the premises.
  • React promptly and effectively during calamities in and around the company and provide guidance when an emergency service procedure starts.

Programme details
About 7 working days prior to the training day you will receive an e-mail with a call to go through the e-learning program. This e-learning will take approximately three hours. You should complete this online test with a positive result. During the training day, the instructor will check whether you are performing the required actions correctly.

The following topics will be handled both in theory and in practice:

  • Non-emergency First Aid.
  • Emergency First Aid (including using the Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)).
  • Firefighting.
  • Evacuation.

You will learn to use the equipment in a responsible manner during the AED training. - heart problems, ventricular fibrillation, and the use of defibrillators - patient care, ABC technique and the use of the AED following a practical example - problem solving, solutions and considerations.

Participants who have successfully completed the course will receive a certificate “Bedrijfshulpverlener” (Emergency Response Officer). This certificate provides employers with a guarantee that the employee who received the certificate can perform basic emergency response tasks and has the required knowledge and necessary skills.

When? March 26th 2020
Time? 09.00 - 17.00 hours
Location? Hotel Casa, Eerste Ringdijkstraat 4 in Amsterdam

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Costs and payment
Members KHN Amsterdam en Amstelland € 135
Members KHN (located) outside Amsterdam € 165
Non-members € 175

Prices are per person including lunch and exclusive of VAT. At the end of the course you will receive an invoice.

This price includes:

  • E-learning.
  • NIBHV workbook.
  • Training/practice material.
  • Instructors.
  • Training unit/training objects.
  • Fire extinguishing materials.
  • Protective clothing
  • BHV certificate.

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