Hygiene Code Workshop in English (evening course)

You want to responsibly and safely deal with food and drinks and you also want to make sure your employees are fully informed. All food companies must work in accordance with the HACCP principles, according to European legislation. These requirements have been set out in the Hygiene Code for the catering industry.

The new Hygiene Code has been in place since 1st April 2016. Each company working with food and drink must comply with the food safety laws. Every catering entrepreneur who prepares food and drinks, to be consumed on site, is obliged to work in accordance with the latest Hygiene Code.

KHN Amsterdam is organising a workshop/presentation of approximately 2 hours, which will explain the differences between the old and the new code and how you can monitor food safety and hygiene.

Who is it intended for?
The workshop/presentation is intended for catering entrepreneurs and any of their employees involved with preparing food and drinks.

Workshop content
At the end of the workshop/presentation:

  • You will be familiar with the differences between the old and new Hygiene Code
  • You will be aware of all the HACCP requirements
  • You will know how to adapt your business in order to comply with the law

During the workshop it is also possible to schedule an (in-company) appointment to discuss your company with the consultant at a later date.

The workshop will run from 19.00 hours (arrival from 18.45 hours) until approximately 22.00 hours.

Costs and payment
Members KHN Amsterdam en Amstelland € 50
Members KHN (located) outside Amsterdam € 75
Non-members € 125

The training course is subject to administrative charges and you will receive an invoice for this afterwards.

As a catering entrepreneur you know better than anyone else that last-minute cancellations often lead to unnecessary costs. That’s why KHN has cancellation conditions for courses, workshops and trainings. Make sure you are aware of our conditions.

Practical Handbook
Order The Code of Hygiene for the hotel and catering industry, English translation, in our Webshop.

Would you like more info? Send an e-mail to khncursussen@khn.nl or call 0348 48 94 76.

Dates, locations and registration

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