Especially for entrepreneurs and their employees at the old Stadshart / Red Light District area

Unfortunately, in the hospitality industry you may encounter resistance and aggressive behaviour from guests. In cooperation with Chubb Fire & Security, KHN organizes courses on dealing with undesirable behaviour and aggression in the hospitality industry.

Especially for the old Stadshart / Red Light District area, a made-to-measure training has been created that fits in with the problems in this area. For example:

  • people who have used alcohol and/or drugs
  • street dealers / criminal youths (illegals)
  • confused persons
  • enforcers
  • troublesome residents
  • aggressive guests

In this training you and your employees learn how to react adequately in these kinds of unpleasant situations. In this way, you build up your self-confidence and mental resilience.

To whom it applies

The training is designed for hospitality entrepreneurs and employees at the old Stadshart / Red Light District area. During this training of 5 hours several realistic cases are presented

At the end of the training, the participant can:

  • Discover that everyone has their own boundary when it comes to aggression.
  • What forms of aggression are there and how do we classify them?
  • Interactive, practicing in a safe environment
  • Always in mind, own safety and a workable situation in your own company and environment
  • Made to measure for the Red Light District / Oude Stadshart, street dealers, drunk guests, troublesome residents, criminals
  • Insight into your own actions in aggressive situations,
  • How do we arrange help and what do we expect from each other,
  • When should I call for help and what can I do myself?
  • What if there is (for a short time) no help available.

Costs & Payment

The training is offered free of charge for a maximum of 2 persons per company. If you register, we are counting on your attendance. In the event of late cancellation or no-show, we charge an administration fee of € 50 (excl. VAT), unless there is a case of force majeure. You can cancel up to two working days in advance by sending an e-mail to


If you have any questions, please send an email to or call 0348 48 94 76.