Exclusive discounts and coverages for KHN members

As a KHN member, you can benefit from the insurances offered by KHN Insurances, which are specially tailored to the risks in your hospitality business.

Your KHN benefit

  • Exclusive for KHN members
  • Custom-made for hospitality entrepreneurs
  • Affordable rates
  • Unique coverages
  • Both business and private hospitality insurances
  • Free Properly-Insured-Check

Unique insurance packages

KHN Security Package

With this insurance package, you are insured against the most common damages. The package consists of unique coverages specifically focused on the risks you face as an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry.

  • Assemble your own package and benefit from package discounts.
  • Insurances for liability, property, business continuity, transport and events.
  • Terrace furniture can be co-insured
  • Bar and tap fall under functional interior, so you benefit from a lower premium.
  • Included in the insurance: refrigeration damage, damage due to breakage in cellar beer pipes, damage due to induction and extreme rainfall.
  • Guarantee against underinsurance through a free valuation.
  • Free inspection of your business.

KHN Hotel Security Package

KHN Insurances has put together a special hotel package, purchased at a competitive rate. Specific parts are insured in this package, such as guests’ belongings, valet parking and business damage due to legionella.

Free Properly-Insured-Check for KHN members

Request the Properly-Insured-Check from KHN Insurances, free of charge and without any obligation. Together with you, we will look at your insurances, the corresponding coverages and policy conditions and of course whether you can save on the premium. In many cases, considerable savings are possible and often better coverage as well.

Risks with meal delivery

Delivering meals involves extra risks. That is why KHN Insurances offers the following tips and advice.

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