How safe is your business?

Whether you have many or few employees, large or small premises, you want your employees and guests to work and stay there safely. And that if something unexpected happens, everyone knows how to act. To minimalize business risks, there are legal obligations for every industry in the form of a Risk Inventory & Evaluation (RI&E). INretail's RI&E scan helps you ensure your company's safety.

Your KHN benefit

  • 3 packages, tailored to the size of your business
  • RI&E-scan on location, including advisory rapport from €550,-
  • Advisors with knowledge of the hospitality industry (risks)
  • Non-members pay at least €250 more

RI&E scan for the hospitality industry

Every hospitality business is different. That is why KHN has developed an RI&E scan for the hospitality industry in collaboration with fellow trade organization INretail. This work as follows:

  • We take stock of your business on location, make a plan of action and discuss the points of improvement;
  • After this visit, you will receive the RI&E report including a plan of action;
  • You also get access to an online platform where you can find the report and points of improvement;
  • If you have more than 25 employees, the RI&E must be reviewed by a certified expert. We can arrange that for you. (See review requirements).

What are the benefits of our RI&E scan?

  • You gain insight into the risks in your business (with advice and concrete recommendations);
  • You comply with legal requirements (make sure that you handle any action points timely);
  • You limit the risks in your business (thus providing a safe (working) environment);
  • You show that you take safety seriously (towards employees, guests, insurers, etc.).

RI&E legal obligation

In the Working Conditions Act and regulations, the government sets so-called target requirements for employers in the field of working safely and healthy. The RI&E has been part of this since 1994 and is therefore a legal requirement for companies with employees, including an accompanying plan of action. The Dutch Labor Inspectorate checks thousands of companies every year for compliance with these laws and regulations and can issue substantial fines for violations.


Besides the legal obligation, you will often find the RI&E in the policy conditions of your insurer. If you do not have an (up-to-date) RI&E with plan of action, and an emergency or industrial accident occurs, there is a chance that your insurer will not (fully) pay out the damage. This is another reason why it is important to have a complete and up-to-date RI&E.

Free RI&E for the hospitality industry

There is a free online sector RI&E available for hospitality businesses. This means an on-site RI&E scan is not mandatory. However, experience shows that the online version is often very time-consuming and that you must have some knowledge of (occupational) risks. If you fill it in incorrectly or incompletely, you still risk a fine in the event of an inspection. With our paid on-site RI&E scan, an expert will take care of everything for you. So you can be sure you've got it right.

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