Switch now and pay only 5,9 cent per pin transaction!

Do you want to accept pin transactions on your current terminal? Easy Payments can arrange this for you. Benefit from a affordable rate for V PAY and Maestro payments. Find out what Easy Payments can mean for you.

The number of pin transactions keeps on growing. Due to COVID-19, this trend has only accelerated. Electronic and contactless payments are extremely popular in the Netherlands. Pin payments are an increasingly important part of the revenue. A good time to dive into the costs and save money with Easy Payments.

Your KHN benefit

Easy Payments offers KHN members an afforable transfer package. In doing so, you benefit from a competitive rate of 5.9 cents per pin transaction (easily 6.2 cents elsewhere) and the following benefits:

  • Payments every working day
  • Online transaction report
  • Easy Payments guides the conversion of your payment terminal

Debit card transactions with KHN

Option 1

Option 2

Subscription costs

€7,95 per month

€5,50 per terminal per month

Transaction costs:

€0,059 per transaction

€0,067 per transaction

Activation costs:

€15,00 (one-time)

€20,00 (one-time)

Lead time activation contract:

2-3 weeks

within 48 hours


Every business day

Every 2nd business day


Return payment:

Yes: €0,070 per transaction


Rescheduled booking times:

Yes, surcharge of €3,00 per month


Tip function:

Yes, surcharge of €3,00 per month


How do you benefit from this?

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Accepting credit cards for less than 1%

Are you planning to accept credit cards? Or do you already accept them, but are you curious if you can do so more cheaply? Payone handles the transaction processing from Easy Payments. Here, too, KHN members benefit from a low basic rate. Find out more about your benefit for accepting credit cards. This benefit also applies to payment terminals from Verifone and Worldline.

Need a payment terminal?

Easy Payments also supplies payment terminals with a KHN discount. Are you interested in one? Click here for more information or let us know in the comments field in the form at the bottom of this page.

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