KHN is the largest organisation representing hospitality businesses in the Netherlands

Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN) is the largest organisation representing hospitality businesses in the Netherlands. Our association speaks for more than 20,000 hospitality businesses that together employ almost 250,000 people and we dedicate our efforts to ensuring that the industry as a whole is professional and future-proof.

We support our members by lobbying, providing advice, information and inspiration and offering them financial benefits. This is how KHN acts for the hospitality industry.

This is how KHN acts for the hospitality industry

Our central consideration is a good business climate. This starts by protecting the interests of our members: we lobby policymakers at local, national and international levels to mitigate financial burdens and excessive rules for the hospitality industry. We keep our members comprehensibly informed of relevant legislation affecting the hospitality industry and supply practical tools to facilitate compliance.

Hospitality businesses can come to us if they have questions about legislation or management matters that they are unable to resolve themselves. KHN employs in- house policy consultants and lawyers to address complex issues. Another of our tasks is to help our members to prepare for the future. We keep a sharp watch on market figures, developments and emerging trends with a view to inspiring members to come up with new ideas and developments. Additionally, we stimulate an exchange of information between businesses in the knowledge that there is much that we can leam from each other.

Besides protecting interests and providing personal advice, KHN agrees arrangements with multiple hospitality industry suppliers, such as Buma, Sena, energy providers and insurance companies. This allows KHN members to benefit from high discounts, thus enabling members from small to large to keep more money in their business.

About the association

KHN is an association with more than 230 local sections throughout the Netherlands. Our more than 20,000 members are affiliated to one of these sections. Each section has its own governing board. The various sections fall under one of our 16 regions. Each region delegates one director to sit on the Members Council. The Members Council elects five directors who form the National Executive. The Members Council meets four times each year to discuss current affairs and to set the strategy of the KHN association.

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