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As hospitality entrepreneur you are not alone. More than 17.500 entrepreneurs have combined their strength, with the purpose of creating the best possible business environment for the hospitality industry. Join the club and benefit from our collective strength.

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Why a KHN membership?

As a KHN member, you benefit from the combined strength of more than 17.500 hospitality entrepreneurs. Together we are in the position to make a difference. We do this in the following ways:

Member benefits

Being a member of KHN provides direct financial benefits. You benefit from favourable prices and conditions on more than 40 products and services.


We use our lobby strength to help think, talk and stand up for the interests of the hospitality industry. We do this with districts and other governments, among others.


As a KHN member you receive personal advice and answers on all your questions. For example about working conditions, laws and regulations, and your rights and obligations to landlords or suppliers. KHN-advice experts are there for you, just like your regional manager.


We know what is going on in the industry. You receive weekly updates with the latest hospitality news, acces to My KHN and you will be invited to KHN events in the Netherlands and abroad. This way, you get inspired and have an opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs.

We also produce sector specials. These list the latest developments in your sector. This can be very useful when you’re busy with your business.

Become a member of KHN and get 2 months for free!

Become a member and use the advantages, advice and support and benefit from two months of free membership. You can become a member from €350 per year. See all our memberships here.

More information about our rates. call us on +31 348 48 94.

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